Top 5 Ethical Clothing Brands in Canada

Why it is Important to Shop Ethical Brands

If you are like me and are interested in supporting ethical Canadian fashion brands it is important to first understand why ethical fashion is so important. We live in a consumer society which means demands are high for the latest and often cheapest styles. If you have ever heard the phrase "You get what you pay for" you understand immediately that this directly correlates with how much the people making your clothes are getting paid and the working conditions they are in. The choice to support ethical brands comes with a few considerations.

1. The price of the clothing is going to reflect employees being paid a livable wage.

2. There could be a wait time from brands who make their clothing on demand. This process ensures that their clothing does not end up in landfills and become part of the fast fashion cycle.

3. The quality is going to be significantly better than what you find in fast fashion brands. This may also mean other Canadian small businesses were supported in the making of the garments. This is a major win win. 

So without any further ado here is a list of my Top Five Favourite Ethical Brands. 

ForEverly Yours Clothing Co

Yep I did it. I named my own brand as my top choice. And why not? My favourite thing to do is fulfil your orders and make your clothes. I am deeply passionate about changing the way we look at fashion and consumerism and how exploitive this industry is for women. 

We make all of our clothing locally in Saskatoon, Sk Canada and have 1 full time and 2 part time staff. We order from Canadian fabric distributors and our labels and hag tags from local small businesses. If you are looking for a local printing business I highly recommend Three Oh Sticks We order our earring cards and hang tags from this company and have been very happy with the quality and turnaround. 

Butter Cream Clothing

I came across this brand while doing a market in Alberta and fell in love with their story. The quality of their pieces and dedication to their customers is phenomenal. I love how inclusive their brand is with the styles they offer in every adult size. They use sustainable materials and employ over 25 women with their business. If you are looking for cute new outfit click here. I promise you will fall in love.  

Posh & Cozy

Get ready for some absolutely adorable clothing. Posh and Cozy is very near and dear to my heart as it is owned and operated by my good friend Danielle and her sister Brett. These girls are powerhouses when it comes to ethical fashion. I've seen this business grow from its infancy and am so proud of how far it has come. Posh and Cozy is run from Lloydminster and Red Deer, AB but can be found in stores all across Canada. 

Hush and Haven 

Let's talk jewelry and accessories. This is also a place where we see a great amount of waste being produced from costume jewelry that falls apart or tarnishes the second you put it on. If you are looking for hand crafted, high quality and timeless pieces you have to check out Hush and Haven. All of her jewels are made from silver and made in Saskatchewan. I have a few items from here and have bought gifts from her Etsy page because I want all of my friends to have something from this company. I highly recommend this small shop. 

Poppy and Barley

We can't do a fashion blog without talking about shoes. If you haven't heard of Poppy and Barley yet here is your sign. This shop is located in Edmonton and ships across Canada. Here's a little secret I'm going to share, but don't tell my husband. As an incentive for my small business I make little sales goals. Whether it's a market, a new launch or a new quarter I make little goals for myself. If I made my goal I treat myself to a product from another Canadian small business. Well guess what? Poppy and Barley is my next treat for this quarter. If I hit my target I am treating myself to a new pair of shoes. I may also get the shoes if I fall short as a consolation gift to cheer myself up. It's shoes!